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    The Prof. Miziritsky Dental Experts Clinic – Nice to meet you!

    מרפאת שיניים תל אביב

    About the clinic

    The clinic environment is part of the treatment

    Great thought was invested in the design of the clinic. It was important for us to create a relaxed and warm place for you, along with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency, in order to make every visit and treatment a pleasant experience. You are welcome to visit our clinic and get your own impression.

    Prof. Eitan Miziritsky

    Innovative medicine

    Advanced digital dentistry

    The clinic is equipped and accessorized with the world’s most advanced technology and equipment

    • Microscopic dentistry
    • Intra-oral digital scanner
    • Computerized dental crown preparation
    • Computerized planning of implant placement
    • Most advanced Digital CT and Panoramic X-Ray device
    מרפאת שיניים בתל אביב - מרפאת המומחים

    Customized treatments

    Customized treatment plan

    As no two fingerprints are identical, the structure of the mouth and teeth is different for each person. The process and treatment plan are designed and customized for each patient by Professor Eitan Miziritsky and the team of clinic specialists, according to the unique needs and constraints of each patient.

    צוות מרפאת המומחים לרפואת שיניים

    Our clinic team

    A winning team of experts

    Prof. Miziritsky collected to his clinic a team of leading experts in fields that complete and strengthen one another. According to the world’s highest standards, the treatment program is a Consilium between a number of experts, depending on the complexity of the treatment. Welcome to the most advanced and professional dentistry home in Israel.

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