Prof. Eitan Miziritsky - Oral Rehabilitaton Expert
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    ראשי  /  Prof. Eitan Miziritsky

    Prof. Eitan Miziritsky

    Dentist and specialist in Prosthodontics (Oral Rehabilitation).

    Prof. Eitan Miziritsky graduated from the Tel Aviv University School of Dentistry in 1990, where he also completed his postgraduate studies in Prosthodontics in 1996.
    Associate Professor at the School of Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.
    Coordinator of the research area and an oral rehabilitation consultant in the Oral-Maxillo-Facial department at Tel-Aviv Medical Center – Ichilov Hospital, in Tel Aviv.
    Prof. Miziritsky serves as Chairman of the Israel Society of Posthodontics ISP
    Prof. Miziritsky is Member of the Board of the International Digital Dental Association (DDS) and
    DDS Ambassador for Israel.
    He is Member of the Board of the European Prosthodontic Society EPA.
    Author of the book:  "Smile with a Full Mouth – The Guide to Dentistry in Israel", published by Matar Books.
    Prof. Miziritsky serves as chair of numerous dental conferences in Israel and worldwide.
    Prof. Miziritsky lectures widely in Israel and worldwide in the field of dental implants, computerized planning of dental implants and digital dentistry, fixed and removable dentures, including the publication of 80 studies in the leading international professional literature, discussing these issues.
    Owns a dental clinic of dental experts in Tel Aviv.

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